The Arizona Cluster Redshift Survey (ACReS) is a large spectroscopic survey of 30 massive clusters drawn from the LoCuSS sample using Hectospec/MMT. The survey's main strengths are its wide field of view (~1 degree diameter), which reaches well into the infall regions (~1-2 virial radii) of the clusters, and its careful [target selection] based on UKIRT and KPNO J and K near-infrared imaging, which gives us an unbiased, stellar-mass selected sample of cluster galaxies.

In parallel, we have also targeted infrared bright objects in these fields at all redshifts, compiling a complete spectroscopic survey of objects with 24um fluxes >1mJy over the full combined 7.5 square degrees of our survey.

In total, we have acquired reliable spectra for ~24,000 objects, ~10,000 of which are cluster members, i.e. >~300 members per cluster. More details on target selection and statistics of the survey can be found here.

In addition to identifying cluster members, the main goals of the survey are to:

  1. obtain reliable dynamical mass estimates for a large sample of clusters using the caustic method.
  2. combine redshifts and spatial distributions to probe the substructure/dynamical state of the clusters and their infall regions
  3. use spectral emission/absorption line features to probe current and recent star formation activity in conjunction with our broad UV-IR photometric coverage of these fields.

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