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Comment In the case of small kids, it is important to make sure that they receive enough guidance and learning stimulation while they are at that age, so that their various skills and abilities are given the chance to grow. Some of the tools that can be used for this are fairly simple. For example, coloring pictures are one such tool.

Just imagine the different things that a child is doing, while trying to use crayons to color the inside of outline pictures. She is practicing her finer motor skills, by getting used to holding the crayon in one hand, and by guiding the crayon within a particular part of the paper. Practice with a crayon while young will help later on when the child is already doing her handwriting homework for kids in elementary school. However, if the child never did much coloring in her younger years, it will take more time and effort to get used to writing with a pencil.

Fairy tales are also important for young kids. When they are still too young to read on their own, the parent can read to the child before she goes to bed or during the day. This helps to instill in them an appreciation and love for reading. So whenever it is possible to read to them short stories for kids, the parents should do so. Keep in mind that when kids are still young, reading will be something that is novel and interesting. If they associate it with time spent with their parents, they will associate reading with good feelings.

Stories, as well as poems and rhymes also introduce kids to the world of literature and art. They gain appreciation for how a good story is like entering a new world and allows people to visit places and experience things that are far away, or that don't even exist. In this way, kids are able to further expand their imaginations, as well as their own abilities to be creative. This is something that they will find useful in their later years whether they need to come up with slogans for your marketing plan or come up with something creative for an art class.

The thing to keep in mind is that it's important to start while they are young. Early reading will help with small kidsí homework, and then that homework will help with the learning that they need to do as they grow older More Stories.
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