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FORM FIELD FirstName FirstName Mariana
FORM FIELD LastName LastName Wilson
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|*FORM FIELD Comment*|Comment|Olimila Gourmet Emporium is a family run company, co-founded by Alex and Maricruz Ferrari. They decided to change the institution from the Ferrari Olive Oil Company's name to a name that meant a bit more to their family, Olimila. Olimila is a mix of their twin daughters Olivia and Mila. Since they were the primary reason they determine to begin the company, they believed it was only appropriate.

Maricruz and Alex found their culinary fire, amid Napa Valley's rolling hills, on their babymoon. Though their excursion to Northern California set the couple directly in the heart of scenic winery country, it absolutely wasn't wine that piqued their taste buds, but freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil. Won over by its flavor, they were inspired to begin the Olimila Gourmet Emporium to share it with the general public.

Now, the Olimila draws on a network of local and international olive farms and suppliers to distribute organic varietals, blends that are bewitching, flavored oils and gourmet goodies. Crowning this group is a mix of Blood Orange olive oil the Unicorn Tears Artisan Blend,, Aged Fig Balsamic and unicorn tears. Gourmet blends, infused olive oil, and flavored balsamic. |

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