There are three ways to download the images:

  • Simple tarballs (the "Download" column in the table)

    Each tarball contains the PACS (100/160 um) and SPIRE (250/350/500 um) images. PACS images come with coverage maps while SPIRE images come with coverage and uncertainty maps. All the HLS DR1 data are also available in one big tarball here : hls-deep1_dr1.tar.gz

  • Rainbow Data Extractor pages (the "Rainbow" column in the table)

    This interface allows downloads of individual images (use the link at the bottom of each page for a single tarball). In the future, these pages will provide additional files such as source catalogs and various ancillary data (e.g., Spitzer & WISE images).

  • Rainbow Slicer interface (Click the "Rainbow Slicer (public)" tab on the left)

    Rainbow Slicer allows the user to select images for downloads. It can also generate multi-wavelength postage-stamp images for a given sky position (N-BAND QUICKLOOK) or for a given set of source positions (N-SOURCE QUICKLOOK). The Rainbow Data Extractor pages described above are the outputs when "Select Filters = all".

  • README file provides more detailed information on the images provided here.

    Note: We are still finalizing the processing of the Bullet cluster PACS data, which were obtained during the SDP period and require special treatment. These PACS images will be realeased shortly.
    Cluster Full / Alternate Name(s) R.A. Dec. Redshift Download Rainbow
    A2744 AC118 00h14m19.00s -30d23m19.0s 0.308 maps
    MACS0018 CL0016+16 00h18m33.20s +16d26m18.0s 0.541 maps
    MACS0025 MACSJ0025.4–1222 00h25m29.40s -12d22m37.0s 0.584 maps
    A0068   00h37m06.80s +09d09m24.0s 0.255 maps
    A2813 RXCJ0043.3–2037 00h43m25.10s -20d37m01.0s 0.292 maps
    A2895 RXCJ0118.1–2658 01h18m11.00s -26d58m12.0s 0.227 maps
    A0209   01h31m52.40s -13d36m40.0s 0.206 maps
    A0267   01h52m41.90s +01d00m27.0s 0.231 maps
    RCS0224 RCS_022433–0222.3 02h24m34.10s -00d02m31.0s 0.773 maps
    A0368 RXCJ0237.4–2630 02h37m27.80s -26d30m29.0s 0.220 maps
    A0383 RXCJ0248.0–0332 02h48m03.30s -03d31m45.0s 0.187 maps
    A3084 RXCJ0304.1–3656 03h04m04.00s -36d56m27.0s 0.219 maps
    A3088 RXCJ0307.0–2840 03h07m02.20s -28d39m57.0s 0.253 maps
    MACS0451 MACSJ0451.9+0006 04h51m55.00s +00d06m15.0s 0.430 maps
    A0521 RXCJ0454.1–1014 04h54m06.90s -10d13m25.0s 0.253 maps
    AS0592 RXCJ0638.7–5358 06h38m45.20s -53d58m23.0s 0.222 maps
    MACS0647 MACSJ0647.7+7015 06h47m45.90s +70d15m04.0s 0.591 maps
    Bullet RXCJ0658.5–5556 06h58m31.10s -55d56m49.0s 0.296
    MACS0717 MACSJ0717.5+3745 07h17m31.30s +37d45m10.0s 0.546 maps
    MACS0744 MACSJ0744.9+3927 07h44m52.50s +39d27m27.0s 0.698 maps
    A0611   08h00m56.80s +36d03m24.0s 0.288 maps
    A0697   08h42m57.50s +36d22m01.0s 0.282 maps
    A0773   09h17m53.40s +51d43m39.0s 0.217 maps
    A0851   09h42m59.30s +46d59m30.0s 0.407 maps
    A0868 RXCJ0945.4–0839 09h45m24.40s -08d39m15.0s 0.153 maps
    Z2701   09h52m49.10s +51d53m07.0s 0.214 maps
    A0963   10h17m03.60s +39d02m49.0s 0.206 maps
    MACS1149 MACSJ1149.5+2223 11h49m35.70s +22d23m54.0s 0.544 maps
    A1413   11h55m18.00s +23d24m29.0s 0.143 maps
    A1703   13h15m05.30s +51d49m03.0s 0.281 maps
    A1758   13h32m45.20s +50d32m37.0s 0.279 maps
    MACS1423 MACSJ1423.8+2404 14h23m47.70s +24d04m40.0s 0.543 maps
    A1914   14h26m00.00s +37d49m30.0s 0.171 maps
    RBS1639 RXJ1720.1+2638 17h20m10.00s +26d37m32.0s 0.164 maps
    MACS2129 MACSJ2129.4–0741 21h29m26.20s -07d41m26.0s 0.589 maps
    RBS1748 RXJ2129.6+0005 21h29m40.00s +00d05m21.0s 0.235 maps
    MS2137 MS2137.3–2353 21h40m15.10s -23d39m39.0s 0.313 maps
    AS1063 SMACSJ2248.7–4431 22h48m43.50s -44d31m44.0s 0.348 maps
    AS1077 AC114 22h58m48.40s -34d48m09.0s 0.312 maps
    A2537 RXCJ2308.3–0211 23h08m22.30s -02d11m33.0s 0.295 maps
    RCS2319 RCS231953+0038.0 23h19m53.40s +00d38m14.0s 0.897 maps
    RCS2327 RCS2−2327.4–0204 23h27m28.20s -02d04m25.0s 0.700 maps
    A2631 RXCJ2337.6+0016 23h37m39.80s +00d16m17.0s 0.273 maps
    A2667   23h51m39.30s -26d05m03.0s 0.230 maps

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